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Comco Plastics, Inc.

Woodhaven, New York


For over 55 years, the name Comco Plastics has been synonymous with high quality, precision- machined and fabrication high-performance plastics for a multitude of industries, worldwide. Beginning in 1945, Comco was an early pioneer in the fabrication of what were then little known thermoplastics and thermosets, such as Acrylic, Phenolic and Nylon. Since then, the plastics industry has grown tremendously, and Comco has been there to help in this growth with leading-edge materials and fabricated part application development. With extensive fabrication and extrusion facilities in Woodhaven, NY (NYC), Comco has the ability and the commitment to meet the need for fabricated component parts in virtually any industry, application or material.

D.E.B. Manufacturing, Inc.

Lakewood, New Jersey


Precision Machining New Jersey AS 9100 Rev. C ISO 9001:2008 D.E.B. Manufacturing Inc is a full service Precision Machine shop located in beautiful New Jersey. We specialize in all Precision CNC Components but also can make any Tooling. The main industry we serve is Aerospace but are open to other industries of course. Over 40 years of serving the Aerospace industry has made us experts and our clients satisfied! Please ask us to quote any of your Machining projects - large or small - we like them all!

Germantown Tool and Machine Works

Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania


WE OFFER COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCES ...TO MEET EVERY CHALLENGE YOU HAVE Our ability to work with you during the entire life cycle of a product is an important part of what differentiates us from other shops. Our combination of design skills, toolmaking, production capacity, quality systems, and on-time delivery means that we can drive your success in business. With over 50 years of experience in the design of tooling, parts, and solutions to our customers' problems, we know that we can work best with you right from the start. From concept and rough sketch, we can apply our experience and knowhow to ensure that your part is designed or enhanced to meet the needs of your customers. Our ability to design, prototype, build tooling, and make short, medium, or long production runs means that the entire process can be delivered by us. We're a single source of the right combination of skills and equipment to get the job done and support your need to be a leader in your marketplace. With laser cutting, robotic welding, a host of essential and well-maintained equipment, and some of the best operators in our area, we offer state-of-the-art production capability. With the tooling that we manufacture to the highest standards, your products will be produced at the highest level of quality for many thousands of pieces and many years.

L&E Machine and Fabrication

5.00 (6)

Dayton, Nevada


LE Machine and Fabrication is a company located in Carson City, Nevada. Coupled with our state-of-the-art equipment, we produce effective results that will meet the customers demands. We have been in business since 1961 and enjoy a strong reputation in our locale. Our innovative machining techniques streamline production and reduce costs while increasing quality. Industries Served by LE are:Research,Semiconductor Oil and gas exploration,National Laborotories in Berkeley , Livermore and Los Alamos,Electronics, Automotive Commercial etc. We have a full-service in-house inspection facility to assure that the parts are manufactured to the highest standards. We are specialists in doing many faceted job shop machining such as High tech Machined Parts Large machined components. We also do steel fabrication turnkey solutions and the fabrication and machining of high vacuum components including custom chambers. We are a leader in the design and manufacture of premier quality high vacuum components . We can work with all materials such as Aluminium, Plastic, Copper, Steel, Stainless steel etc.. We have7 CNC lathes and mills. We are strong in both milling and turning capacity with the ability to do large parts. Our largest cnc mill has a capacity of 40 in. X 23 in. Travel. Our largest turning machine can swing 20 in diameter.We also have a large conventional machine shop and strong welding and fabrication capabilities.
Technology and innovation guide the Arpex team in numerical controlled machining. Affiliated with the Canimex Group in 2004, the company serves several industries such as aeronautics, aerospace, communications, renewable energy and automotive, to mention but a few. Speed and precision serving your imagination! Since its creation in 1974, Arpex has been able to provide its customers with turnkey solutions thanks to its expertise and wide range of up-to-date equipment. Arpex demonstrates its expertise by its ability to work with a wide variety of metals including aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and Inconel. When you choose Arpex, you get speed, precision and several specialties under one roof.

MPI Machinery & Design

El Paso, Texas


MPI is not a little's a philosophy of conviction on service, total quality and continuous improvement. Wherever there is machinery or industrial equipment, MPI is there, creating prototypes for the future or canalizing engineering ideas to transform metal into useful pieces for the industry. Soling urgencies is our specialty.

Protocision Industries, Inc.

4.50 (2)

Ceres, California


Protocision Industries is a highly specialized machine shop tailored to exceptionally high quality work and short delivery dates. Job quantities can range from single part requests to full production orders. Our current client base comes from the following areas: medical, computer technology, custom motorcycles, defense, aerospace, food processing and automation. Each CNC Mill and Mill/Turn system is state-of-the-art and is operated by experienced company owners. We encourage a client/shop relationship to ensure job quality and satisfaction. We also have our own in-house inspection tooling, Pin Gages, Micrometers, Thread Gages, Digital Bore Micrometers, C.M.M., and Optical Comparator with glass scales. All parts are packaged and shipped to meet intended delivery dates. Protocision Industries, Inc. prides itself on building a reputation from the pursuit of excellence. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you. Thank you.

Webster-Hoff Corporation

Glendale Hts, Illinois


Webster-Hoff Corporation is located in Glendale Heights, Illinois (30 miles West of Chicago). Established in 1971. Our business focus is providing complex, multi level, high density, tight tolerance Powder Metal parts from a wide variety of materials. Materials available include iron, steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, titanium, stainless steel (including 17-4SS). The latest pressing and processing technology is used to produce high density, high strength parts. High temperature sintering is utilized to extract the maximum performace from materials. Gears up to AGMA 9 are a specialty. Typical EAUs range from the thousands to millions. ISO-9001-2000 Certified. Privately held and debt free. We look to form strong, long term relationships with companies looking for superior customer care, design assistance and technology advances.

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