UNIT 2 WEST, SHIZHOU RD MIDDLE, ??, ?? (Guangdong), 518000, China


NAVY at MYSIKAI dot COM,three W dot  MYSIKAI dot COM

Plastic tooling and component fabrication:

Plastic injection mould fabrication;
Plastic molding fabrication;
Blow molding - small to big size (dining table size);
Plastic extrusion –ABS, PVC, PE …etc.;
RIM (Reaction injection molding);
Glass molding;
Plastic rotation molding;
Laser cut for Acrylic sheet;
CNC machining.
Laser engraving for plastic.

Metal part fabrication:

Aluminum,Magnesium and Zinc alloy die casting,investment casting;
Aluminum,Brass extrusion;
Sheet metal punching(Stainless steel,Mild steel,Aluminm,Brass)
CNC machining / punching;
Laser cut and engraving for sheet metal;
Hardware manufacture (brass, iron, stainless steel)


Color paint spray and silkscreen/pad printing;
Powder coating;
UV high gloss coating;
Plating, brushing, polishing passivation and Sand blast on metal;
Hot foil;


Gift/Premiums Box packaging;
Shipping packaging;
Blister packaging:

Sikai technology company established in 1999,headquarter in HongKong,branch in Shenzhen mainly in technology and production service,include molding,production, technology,quality and sourcing management,which specialized in plastic molding,,die-casting,investment casting,blow molding,Plastic and metal fabrication,extrusion,secondary processing (tapping, trimming and CNC machining),surface treatment(polishing, passivation, sandblast, painting, electroplating), assembly and packaging.

Our company service for sourcing and project management in China,We can manufacture special products according to customer’s materials. we use plastic materials such as ABS, PVC, PP, PC, PE, TPE, Silicone, PMMA, etc. In view of its high quality standard and technology service,the company has gained high praise of local and oversea customers in the industry.

Sikai advantage

Sikai company has professional engineer to follow up every project. Every project has a project engineer to handle it. Step a step,communicate with client to make sure all issues are open,process are quick and correct.Sikai company has a good system and managemnt skill to control all process.establish a series management system:project department,engineer department,technology department,quality department,purchase department, finance department,shipping department and document department.Sikai company has a special costing system,in order to keep our price very competitive, we obtain many quotations every project from differentmanufacturers in China. Review and comparison of the quotations we are confident that we subsequently charge our clients a highly competitive price.In addition to many years experience of production and project management in China industry, including tooling technology ,prompt and reliable delivery schedule, we are committed the best quality in our products and management systems with ultimate goal to achieve total customer satisfaction to ensure our product meet your requested.

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