Nuova SiTT Srl

Via Berlino 44, Zingonia, Lombardia, 24049, Italy


Nuova SiTT was founded by the current owner Giuseppe Moretti in 1979, following twenty years’ experience in his father’s company, “Officine Meccano Plastiche”.

Nuova SiTT is a company specialized in the design and construction of molds for injection molding of plastics for technical articles. The company exploits printing with the most advanced technology, such as bi- and tri-colors, and it has expanded to include a series of activities that have become popular in recent years: assembly, pad printing, silk screening and blanking.

The company rapidly acquired primary importance in the sector of technical molding with a total of 80 employees and 8500 sq.m. of work surface.

In parallel to the institutional recognition of the company’s quality, Nuova SiTT enjoyed the growing consensus of the market. The turnover is a figure that speaks for itself - it has grown from g10.000.000 in 2001 to g14.600.000 in 2007.

The history of Nuova SiTTis a story of quality in terms of organization and product.

In order to satisfy the requests with competence and flexibility, the starting point for Nuova SiTT can be found in the market demand. The company’s objective is to offer the clients solutions with advanced technological value.

In Nuova SiTT, high quality is a standard that is applied to all the phases of the organizational and work procedures, with the dual objective of satisfying both the client and the current regulatory norms. The sophisticated equipment in the Quality Control Department allow Nuova SiTT to perform a number of activities:

The quality offered by Nuova SiTT has been approved by certification No.10 according to norm ISO 9001:2000 and N.764 according to the techmical specification for the automotive sector ISO/TS 16949:2002

DCS analyses on the raw materials;

Size checks of the molds being produced;

Size checks on products being developed (pre-series sampling and production of series);

Analysis capability, Cp/ Cpk - Cm/Cmk

Analysis and control of the instrumentation (including studies for repeatibility and reproducibility);

Control of the production process, the registration, storage and analyses of the findings.

Functional test of dynamometrics and pressure seal.


Nuova SiTT has 41 presses* with a compression power of between 25 and 480 tons.

Four of these presses can also be used for molding two and three different materials.

The dual and triple material technology consents the production of finished pieces, produced with materials that differ in terms of color or polymer (eg: the support may be a rigid material with an additional layer of thermoplastic rubber).

In this way, finished pieces are obtained with no need to assemble the various parts and no pad printing necessary.

The presses used are all very recent models, manufactured by prestigious companies

(Netstal, Arburg, Negri Bossi), and all are computerized. Thanks to their advanced technology, it is possible to control the process, guarantee a high degree of reliability of the process and the quality of the article produced.

The molding departments is complete with feeding and centralised transportation systems which allow the control of the dehumidifying process.

The production department works on three shifts to guarantee maximum delivery speed. Warehouse - in addition to the 350 sq.m. dedicated to the storage of the molds, Nuova SiTT has an additional 1300 sq.m. (approx.) of roofed storage space for the raw materials (the minimum stock levels are 400 tons, for the most part POM, PA, PET, PBT, PEEK, PC, PP) and the finished products.

For many years, Nuova SiTT has been working with important Italian and foreign companies.

Nuova SiTT is open to dialogue and thrives on discussion finalized to improving the product, growth and development.

Further information on the company’s latest developments can be obtained contacting us or by visiting the company’s website.

Manufacturing Capabilities


22 ARBURG 20 N&B


4 presse per lo stapaggio

bi-materiale e tri-materiale




Negri Bossi


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Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



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ISO 9001:2008

ISO/TS 16949







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