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Bao'an,Shenzhen City,Guangdong, Shenzhen, ?? (Guangdong), 518105, China


Our company, King Mold Limited is located in Shenzhen City Guangdong province of China. We are middle size of mold maker company and about 100 machines in house. We made about 500 molds last year and 90% molds were exported to Europe, North American and other oversea areas.We are able to make small and simple molds, big and complex molds, we have made some insert molds, overmolds, two shot molds, gas assistant molds, unscrewing molds, hot runner molds and complex molds with many sliders drived by hydraulic cylinder.
Especially, our company had started to make IMD(In Mold Decoration) molds and molding last year. In this area, you can't find many factories who can do this work in China now, and the prices are very competive to the prices from your local suppliers. If you want to know more information about IMD, please contact me at anytime, I will forward you some pictures of the parts what we had made.

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